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Is your building new, about to be built or in design/planning stage? Is the internal floor area greater than  50m2 and/or an extension on an existing building with a floor area greater than 25% the size of the existing building?

If the above is true you will require SBEM Calculations (also knows as BRUKL reports) at both design and completion stage to enable a Building Control Authority (e.g. the local planning department in your Council) to sign off your project. SBEM calcs are required at both DESIGN stage and AS BUILT (completion) stage and if the building is to be leased or sold upon completion, you will also require a Commercial EPC.

Only LEVEL 4 qualified assessors are legally permitted to provide SBEM calculations/Commercial EPCs.

Prices start at £200 PLUS VAT

For more info on our SBEM services please click here.

Building control were asking for an SBEM report and an on-construction EPC. The building was finished but not fitted out and the tenant was due in five days. Certificates took 12 hours, BC signed off and the tenant was in on schedule. Thanks again!

Project Manager, Capita Symonds

Adam Freeman - Managing Director of Freeman Surveying Ltd.Freeman Surveying was founded by Adam Freeman in 2014. Our team consists of an Administrator, an Accountant and a Surveyor/Consultant (Adam) who is responsible for the survey, consultancy and quoting. We consider ourselves an optimistic, forward looking business and are considered by our clients to be experts in Energy and Sustainability Certification for Non-Domestic Buildings.

Our services include BREEAM HEA and ENE credit evidence, Non-Domestic EPCs, Display Energy Certificates and BRUKL/SBEM calculations.

Important – We are direct providers of all the services we deliver. This translates into substantially lower costs, a dramatically reduced lead time, and a personable, positive, solution-driven client experience.  We will survey a wide range of buildings from small retail units of less than 50 m2, to vast industrial complexes with no upper size limit.

We are the only independent and operational level 5 Non-Domestic Energy Assessors in the Severn Estuary region.


SBEM work – As no site visit is necessary we cover the whole of the UK (England, Scotland and Wales)

Commercial EPCs/DECs – Usually within 45 minutes drive of Newport for a standard retail/office unit. However for more complex projects we will travel further afield.

We provide targeted credit BREEAM credits in HEA 01, HEA 04, ENE 01, ENE 04