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Building control were asking for an SBEM report and an on-construction EPC. The building was finished but not fitted out and the tenant was due in five days. Certificates took 12 hours, BC signed off and the tenant was in on schedule. Thanks again!

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Get A Commercial EPC Bristol Area Certificate From Us

Building energy efficiency counts

We have a firm client base in Bristol and have surveyed countless offices, industrial and retail units in the area since 2013. Recently we have been heavily involved with Commercial Landlords looking to comply with the recently introduced MEES regulations alongside our usual staple of Commercial EPCs, Display Energy Certificates, Asbestos Management Surveys and SBEM consultancy.

The relatively new level 5 DSM methodology is an emerging market for non-dwellings and we recently completed the survey and report for a large hotel complex in Cribs Causway.




Straightforward quoting, Fast turnaround, Direct provider

Simply give us a ring on either our office or mobile number (we are usually out surveying during the day) and we will be able to provide you with a quote and provisional appointment slot there and then. Prices start in the region of £175 for a retail unit (Commercial EPC or Asbestos Management Survey – all inclusive) and typically we are on site within a couple days and make sure the report is ready to issue on the same day.


If you have multiple units that need certification we will always apply a generous discount, and very often we are able to tailor a ‘Landlords Pack’ consisting of an Asbestos Management Report and a Commercial EPC.

Most of our SBEM work is also packaged and comprises full project cycle calculations, consultancy and final certification.

Independent and Impartial provider of MEES Compliant commercial EPCs and consultancy services

Designbuilder Bristol example modelMEES is everywhere now right now and as  Landlord you are not able to let a building (or part of a building) unless the EPC for that space has an E rating or above. For sub E buildings we are able to undertake a site survey, produce a draft EPC and issue the most cost effective recommendations possible. Once the recommendations are complete we will request photos as proof and then upgrade and lodge the EPC.

Commercial Energy Assessor near you – We do the work directly in the strictest confidence

We appreciate that selling a property is often a sensitive issue and as standard practice we never discuss even the broadest implications behind obtaining a Commercial EPC with any of the staff / occupants of a building we have been instructed on. Our usual stance (if asked) is that the survey is for insurance purposed.

Emergency EPCs for Commercial properties – Fast track services, derelict buildings, solution-driven

Certificates can be issued on the same day as instruction, however this will incur a £100 fast track fee as we will have to rearrange pre-booked jobs to accommodate.

Display Energy Certificate Assessors near you – Same day lodgement available, 45-minute site survey

Energy efficiency report of a commercial type

In addition to Commercial EPCs, we also provide Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for school buildings, hospitals complexes and town halls. Unlike Commercial EPCs which rate the building itself (the ‘Asset’), these certificates show an ‘Operational’ rating which can be simplified as ‘how efficiently the occupants of the building consume energy within the building’.

If you’re based in Bristol or the surrounding areas and are responsible for Public Buildings such as schools, colleges, hospitals or other structures frequented by the public, then legally you will be required to display an Energy Certificate (DEC) in an easily viewable area of your building such as a public lobby or reception area. To ensure that you don’t attract a fine of up to £5000 fine due to non-compliance, contact us and we can quickly provide you with the required certificate and give you recommendations on how to improve the operational rating of the building. DECs need to be updated periodically, depending upon the size of the building.

It takes around one hour to survey a typical building. Once we have visited the site and you have provided us with the previous 12 months heating and electric bills we can complete the report.

BRUKL – Building Regulations United Kingdom Part L2A/B – GUARANTEED PASS

Somerset firm - BRUKL Assessment ImageIn order to pass Part L2A or B of the British Building Regulations,  a BRUKL Report is essential during both the design and completion (as built) stage. This needs to show a Building Energy Rating (BER) that is lower than the nominal Target Energy Rating for the structural type in question. We can supply turnkey BRUKL (SBEM Calculation) options that include initial design, consultancy, as built calculations and a final lodged Commercial EPC as standard. If required we will also, on your behalf, work with your building control officer.

Learn more about BRUKL here.

SBEM – Simplified Building Energy Modelling – Part L2 Calculations

SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is a methodology that was developed by BRE in support of the National Calculation Methodology (NCM) for the ‘Energy Performance of Non-Domestic Buildings Directive’. SBEM supplies the analytical results needed for accurate and reliable building efficiency calculations and reporting.  SBEM Calculations are the standard methodology approved by the government for accurately evaluating energy use and carbon dioxide emission levels within a commercial operating environment. We have extensive experience with modelling all types of non-domestic buildings using SBEM methodology and can assist, not just with the calculations but also in recommendations relating to changes to the structure at the design stage to enhance the BER. For complicated level 5 tasks, we are accredited to provide DSM (SBEM with daylighting and weather factors) services.

SBEM is the methodology used to produce a BRUKL report.

Learn more about SBEM here

DSM – Dynamic Simulation Modelling – Daylighting & Weather Calculations

DSM Model Example Avon area corporation

DSM (Dynamic Simulation Modelling) is brought into use when a commercial building comprises mechanical shading, an atrium or another shading element detrimental to its energy efficiency. Examples of types of structure that would come under DSM jurisdiction (classifying the building as a level 5 building) include skyscrapers, large hotels, shopping centres or airports.

DSM methodology employs dynamic thermal properties influenced by factors such as weather and sunlight/shading to enhance the BER calculation (in addition to the SBEM thermal calculations). As a result, it is more complicated to carry out and provide a level 5 EPC than for a property coming under a level 3 or level 4 classification.

Freeman Surveying Ltd is the only operational, independent DSM (level 5) assessor in the region.

Our Asbestos Services For Bristol


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Accredited Energy Assessors

Freeman Surveying ltd are accredited to undertake and deliver Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates for level 3, 4 ans 5 commercial buildings. This includes Dynamic Simulation Models (DSM), BRUKL (SBEM Calculations) and Display Energy Certificates for public buildings. Freeman Surveying are also P402 qualified to undertake Asbestos Management Surveys. Our accreditation covers England, Wales and Scotland.