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Building control were asking for an SBEM report and an on-construction EPC. The building was finished but not fitted out and the tenant was due in five days. Certificates took 12 hours, BC signed off and the tenant was in on schedule. Thanks again!

Project Manager, Capita Symonds

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Asbestos Testing Service – Commercial Asbestos Management Bristol Area

ACM Management Surveying In The Bristol Area

Asbestos Removal action In ProgressWe provide Asbestos Management Reports primarily for commercial buildings, although we frequently tailor individual reports for domestic dwellings. Our reports follow HSE 265 conventions and are undertaken when the duty holder (not necessarily the landlord or owner of the building) suspects that asbestos (or ACM) may be present within the building and is therefore legally required to hold an Asbestos Register and Asbestos Management Plan in order that they can monitor and manage the presence of a risk.

All our Management Reports contain a risk assessment for any ACM detected during the site visit and associated recommendations for the contamination. Any suspect ACM will be identified under presumption by the surveyor and listed in the register contained within the report, along with relevant HSE information outlining the responsibilities of the duty holder and the limitations of the information provided within the report.

Optional extras include floor plans, UKAS laboratory analysis of suspected materials and a bespoke Management Plan.

What Are Asbestos Surveys – Why Do I Need One?

Any building built or renovated prior to the year 2000 may contain asbestos and it is the legal responsibility of the duty holder of the building to make sure that the risks associated with working in a potentially hazardous environment are properly and legally managed. This is to ensure that:

No harm can come to anybody within the building due to the presence of dangerous material
The ACM is continually monitored to ensure it’s condition does not deteriorate to the point where it becomes hazardous
The ACM is not disturbed during the routine day to day activities or during any maintenance, demolition or renovation work within the building (including externally)

During the site visit (which typically takes under an hour) the surveyor will locate any ACM that is accessible without damaging or altering the building. The surveyor will take photographs of suspected ACMs and if instructed (or if the surveyor feels absolutely necessary) samples will be collected and sent to the UKAS lab for analysis.

The basic report that is drawn up after the site visit will contain:

An Asbestos Register
ACM risk assessment with recommendations

The enhanced report will contain all the above, plus the following:

UKAS Laboratory Certificates
Site Plan

A separate Management Plan must be produced based upon the content within the Management Report. Each business will have unique operational criteria and this plan is usually produced in-house by the Management. We can produce Asbestos Management Plans on behalf of our clients.


If no asbestos is found then this will be clearly stated in the report
Only a P402 qualified Asbestos Surveyor should undertake Management Surveys and produce the associated reports
All surveys are carried out in the strictest of confidence. To avoid alarming the building occupants, our survey will not discuss the purpose of the survey unless given specific clearance. If asked, we always say we’re doing a general building survey for ‘the insurance company’. We will never say we are looking for asbestos unless clearance is given prior to a site visit

Bristol Consultants For The Latest Industry Advice

We provide Asbestos Management Reports for a wide range of clients. Often they are asked for the report when they are selling or leasing the building as a part of the terms of sale. We have produced multiple reports for:

Large industrial units
Small terraced retail shops
Health Care facilities
Warehouse and storage depots

if you need or think you need, a Bristol commercial asbestos survey then please call us for an over the phone quote, typical turn around for the basic report is 1 – 2 days with genuine prices starting at £165 inc VAT.

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