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Building control were asking for an SBEM report and an on-construction EPC. The building was finished but not fitted out and the tenant was due in five days. Certificates took 12 hours, BC signed off and the tenant was in on schedule. Thanks again!

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Get A Commercial EPC Certificate In Newport And Surrounding Areas

Commercial EPC Newport / Casnewydd Gwent client discussionsFreeman Surveying Ltd is recognised as one of the most experienced, reliable, cost-effective and qualified providers of Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certification (EPC) and Asbestos Management Surveys for public and commercial buildings in Newport and the surrounding region. In addition to providing certification for standard commercial, retail and agricultural units, we specialise in extremely large and complex buildings. For emergency certification, we offer a cost-effective 24 or 48 hour fast track premium option.

With the arrival of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) and very tightening regulatory obligations associated with energy performance in non-domestic buildings, we are well placed in the region as the only level 5 commercial energy assessor and Public Building Energy Assessor within at least 17 miles of Newport. We are the obvious choice for commercial building assessments and advanced DSM modelling projects for those looking to instruct a local surveyor, and are also highly experienced and accredited to provide SBEM/BRUKL/DSM calculations for extremely large and complex commercial buildings on a national level.


Accredited Level 5 Commercial Energy Assessors – Straightforward quoting, direct provider, fast turnaround

We price all our surveys/assessments the same, the only factor affecting cost is the location, size and complexity of the building. An entry level building (e.g a small, high street retail unit) is likely to begin at approximately £175, but for a ten-story office block with atrium and mechanical shading, the cost would be significantly higher. We will always discount multiple units on the same site and we carry out all our work directly so there are no middlemen to pay. Importantly, we will always remain mindful of any sensitivities that may surround the circumstances driving the need for the survey. As such we always operate in the strictest confidence.


Expert Supplier Of Energy Performance Certificates For Non-Domestic Buildings – Independent and Impartial


Designbuilder NP1 South Wales model exampleWith the arrival of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) on the 1st April 2018, the commercial EPC energy rating of your building is a critical component in helping you to meet your legal and ecological responsibilities as a commercial building owner in the Newport area. As a Newport landlord or owner, you will be responsible for ensuring that all new or renewed leases registered after 1st April 2018 are done so in a building that has at least an E rating Commercial EPC. Failure to comply will cost you at least £5000, and the inability to lease your building until it meets with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) compliance. As experienced commercial energy assessors, we are very familiar with a wide range of building and material types and the efficiency challenges they are likely to present in securing a successful rating. Experience and expertise count heavily in this industry, and our pragmatic, solution-driven mindset will be a welcome change to the usual blackhat approach you may have encountered previously. Again, we are the most experienced and qualified assessors in the Newport and South Wales region with a proven track record and an impressive portfolio.


Commercial Energy Assessor Near You – We attend our client’s surveys directly and never use subcontractors

From Public Building Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for schools, hospitals, town halls to Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for business premises, industrial complexes and retail units in Newport and nearby areas. All these survey types offer their own unique challenges and no two surveys or assessments are ever the same. Often surveyors with limited field experience will attempt to treat all buildings similarly and often overlook the actual needs of the client. We know from experience that this is not the best approach, and the circumstances under which the work is instructed should never be ignored. We are astute and commercially aware. We pride ourselves on our ability to see the bigger picture, and we take this approach to each and every job and we receive instruction for.


Emergency EPCs For Commercial Properties – Fast track services, derelict buildings, solution-driven.

Sometimes (and we know this from experience) there is the need for a fast response and rapid delivery of certification, often in challenging circumstances.  We have extensive experience in conducting Commercial EPC assessments, DECs, BRUKL reports and Asbestos Management Surveys, delivered under physically demanding, deadline-driven constraints.  We understand how such situations can be stressful to the building owner (confidentially is a given) and importantly we are able to work with little or no pre-site visit information and still deliver on time, and with empathy. Remember, no building is too large or complex and no timescale too tight.


Display Energy Certificate Assessors Near you – Same day lodgement available, 1 hour site survey

Display Energy Certificate Example Gwent Client Example

If you are based in or around the Newport area and are responsible for Public Buildings such as schools, colleges, hospitals or other buildings frequently visited by the public, then by law you will need to display an Energy Certificate (DEC) in an easily viewable part of your building. To make sure that you don’t get fined up to £5000 for non-compliance, get in touch and we can quickly provide you with the necessary certification. To get the ball rolling, get in touch for a quick quote, or use the pricing illustration form on this page to get an idea of costs. Once you’re happy to proceed, complete the DEC questionnaire (again, on online form) and we will then arrange a convenient time to come out and complete the site visit (which takes about an hour for an average sized building). Once the site visit is complete we can lodge your Display Energy Certificate and email you a pdf of the live certificate for you to print off and display. COntact us now to arrange an EPC rating survey for your property.


BRUKL – Building Regulations United Kingdom Part L2A/B – GUARANTEED PASS

In order to pass Part L2A or B of the British Building Regulations,  a BRUKL Report is required during both the design and completion (as built) stage. This needs to show a Building Energy Rating (BER) that is lower than the notional Target Energy Rating for the type in question. We provide turnkey BRUKL (SBEM Calculation) packages that include initial design, consultancy, as built calculations and a final lodged Commercial EPC. We will even deal with your building control officer on your behalf.

Learn more about BRUKL here.


SBEM – Simplified Building Energy Modelling – Part L2 Calculations

SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model)NP1 Client BRUKL Assessment Image methodology was developed by BRE in support of the National Calculation Methodology (NCM) for the ‘Energy Performance of Non-Domestic Buildings Directive’. SBEM provides the analysis results we need for accurate building efficiency calculations/reporting.  SBEM Calculations are the most commonly used government approved methodology for accurately determining energy use and carbon dioxide emission levels within a commercial operating environment. We are highly experienced in modelling all types of non-domestic buildings using SBEM methodology and are able to assist in not just the calculations, but also in recommending changes to the structure at the design stage to enhance the BER. For more complex level 5 buildings, we are the only DSM (SBEM with daylighting and weather!) accredited assessor in the Newport area.

Learn more about SBEM here


DSM – Dynamic Simulation Modelling – Daylighting & Weather Calculations

DSM Model ExampleDSM (Dynamic Simulation Modelling) is used when a commercial building is deemed to have a complex structure comprising mechanical shading, atrium or other shading element detrimental to the energy efficiency of the building. The types of building that would fall under the DSM jurisdiction (classifying the building as a level 5 building) include skyscrapers, large hotels, shopping centres or airports. The DSM methodology uses dynamic thermal properties influenced by factors such as weather and sunlight/shading to enhance the BER calculation (in addition to the SBEM thermal calculations). It is, therefore, more complex to undertake and provide a level 5 EPC than for a property falling under level 3 or 4 classifications.

Asbestos Testing Service – NP1 Management Surveys

Newport Asbestos Management Surveys In Detail And At Competitive Rates


Newport / Casnewydd Gwent Asbestos Removal In ProgressAsbestos is responsible for the deaths of approximately 5000 workers every year, a figure higher than the total amount of people killed on the roads. Asbestos can be present in any building built, renovated or refurbished before the year 2000 when the use of asbestos as a building material became illegal in the UK. However, it is not uncommon to uncover ‘rogue’ building materials used illegally several years after the ban in 2000. The duty of managing potential exposure to asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) is the legal responsibility of the Duty Holder, and extremely heavy penalties can be incurred if such responsibilities are ignored. The starting point for meeting legal requirements for most duty holders is to commission an Asbestos Management Survey. This survey is a non-intrusive inspection that is written up in a short report containing an asbestos register and lab results of any samples collected (if required) and an approved risk assessment. If no ACMs are present then this will be written up in the summary section and no further action is required.

Producing a compliant survey is a highly specialised process which must only be undertaken by a competent Asbestos Surveyor.  Only an experienced surveyor will be properly able to determine the presence of ACMs and provide recommendations on their associated risk. Crucially, a properly undertaken Asbestos Management Survey allows for the formulation of an appropriate Asbestos Management Plan and an Asbestos Register to address and rectify any risks from ACMs that are identified during the survey. Our surveys are often requested by Solicitors and Estate Agents as a component of a property transfer/lease registration. Increasingly, Pension Fund Managers have been asking for a copy of the survey prior to including a commercial building within a SIP.

Surveyors For Asbestos Management Reporting –  Requirements

We offer Asbestos Management Surveys in Newport and the surrounding region. We also provide consultancy if you require guidance or confirmation of your legal responsibilities.  By closely following the guidelines as set out by the Health and Safety Executive means our approach to surveying is legally compliant, consistent, throughout and impartial. Underpinned by our high-quality reporting, sampling and analysis procedures, our service will provide you with an asbestos register, a risk assessment of existing ACMs and recommendations for actioning the removal or management of the materials (if present). Contact us to arrange an appointment with our in-house surveyor, surveys take between one and two hours to complete, the reports are often completed on the same day and are delivered via email in .pdf format.

As required by law, any samples collected are analysed by an HCAS accredited laboratory, with official laboratory certificates provided as evidence.

Asbestos Management Consultants For The Latest Industry Advice

Corrugated Roof Asbestos identified from a management surveyAs an experienced Newport asbestos management consultancy, we are always aware of current and pending developments in the world of asbestos control and removal. With legislation, planning requirements or guidelines frequently updated, our surveys and reports reflect the most recent legislation and recommendations helping to make sure that you are fully informed on any risks and obligations you are responsible for managing.

We are also able to offer advice on how to produce your Asbestos Management Plan and maintain an Asbestos Register, as is legally required for any Duty Holder responsible for commercial buildings.


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Accredited Energy Assessors

Freeman Surveying ltd are accredited to undertake and deliver Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates for level 3, 4 ans 5 commercial buildings. This includes Dynamic Simulation Models (DSM), BRUKL (SBEM Calculations) and Display Energy Certificates for public buildings. Freeman Surveying are also P402 qualified to undertake Asbestos Management Surveys. Our accreditation covers England, Wales and Scotland.