Notable People From Cardiff Wales Who Have Helped Shape The City’s Culture

While Cardiff, Wales has only been a city itself since 1905, the history of the location and its people have much deeper historical roots. When studying the notable people who have hailed from the city, you can go all the way back to the 12th century, and even further back for some. There is Ifor Back, who was a leader in South Wales. Since then, there are many other historical figures from Cardiff, so let’s get to take a look at them.

One thing you will notice right away is that there are many famous musicians that hail from Cardiff. Have you heard of the Ivor Novello Awards? They are named after the famous composer Ivor Novello of course. He was also a famous actor as well. What other notable people in the music industry hailed from Cardiff Wales?

There is also Idloes Owen, who was also a composer, but a conductor and singer as well. Have you heard of the Welsh National Opera? He is the founder. Have you heard of Charlotte Church and Shirley Bassey? Each are singers, and Bassey is known for her role in singing theme songs for James Bond movies. Then there are the bands, and one has quite the unique name, Super Furry Animals. Super Furry Animals was a 90s band.

Saint Teilo is another notable person from Cardiff, Wales. Looking at this historical figure, the patron saint of Cardiff turns back the clock all the way to the 6th century. This patron saint and British monk founded churches and monasteries. February 9th is an important day of the year in relation to this patron saint.

Author Ken Follett pens historical novels and thrillers. He is from Cardiff, and he is a world-renowned best-selling author. The Key to Rebecca and Century Trilogy are two of his most popular works. Griff Rhys Jones, the comedian, actor and writer is also from Cardiff. He also has been a writer for television shows as well.

In the world of sports, you have people like Colin Jackson. He is a hurdling athlete from Cardiff who is now retired. He was also a sprinter during his career. Then there is Craig Bellamy, who is known for his career as a footballer. You will find several other footballers who hailed from Cardiff, too. You will also find people from other sports.

Several notable people from Cardiff, Wales have been mentioned here, but you can learn about many more of them. It is fun studying history and learning about people that have contributed to the culture and growth of a city and its people, isn’t it? You can read about leaders, politicians, actors, musicians, preachers, teachers, athletes, writers and all kinds of people who have helped shape the history of Cardiff, Wales. It is always good to know as much as you can about a city’s heritage and the people who were there before you, don’t you agree?

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