Great Things To Do When Visiting Newport

Newport is located in southeastern Wales, and while there are many cities in Wales, this one ranks #3 when it comes to population. It is also a great place to have fun and visit attractions. Fun is in the eye of the beholder of course, and so the historical attractions and landmarks are in play, too. Other people might only look at nightclubs and the likes, but let’s look at family fun attractions and things to do in Newport, Wales.

The Caerleon Roman Baths are on High Street, and they are a popular attraction. Not only are they popular, but they are also free to visit. That is one thing about fun attractions. The more you can do for free or less money, the more you get to do period. Of course, some things you want to do are just going to cost money. For example, you might want to splurge on some good food while vacationing in this metropolis. Therefore, I wanted to give you the name of one family fun restaurant, too, where you can get a great meal.

How about The Secret Garden Cafe? That name resonates with me because I really liked the book, the movie and even tried to carry out the idea in person with a garden at my first house. So this seems like to me it would be a really special place to visit. The Secret Garden Cafe is located on Charles Street, and it is a brunch spot that serves up burgers, quesadillas and plenty of other great foods. It is said to be a small place, but that makes it sound intimate.

Now it is time to look for another attraction in Southeastern Newport, and that is the National Roman Legion Museum. It is located on High Street like the other attraction mentioned, and people say that it is certainly worth visiting. What’s really neat, too, is it says this place is also free. So far, the only thing you have had to pay for is food. There are plenty of attractions that cost money, but these are top-ranked things to do and so far, all is free.

The local Wetlands are also a great place to visit. This place is located on West Nash Road, and it is all about bird watching. Of course, it is also about being out in nature. There are other types of attractions like this one in Newport, too, meaning having to do with nature. For example, you can stop by the Walnut Tree Farm Park.

Tiny Rebel Brewing also looks like a fun place to go. As I close out this article, I want to also leave you with one more restaurant that you might want to stop by. Zizzi is located at the Friars Walk Shopping Centre. While there are other things on the menu, pizza looks like it is king there. After grabbing some pizza though, it’s back out to all of those fun attractions in Newport, Wales.