SBEM Data Capture Form

SBEM data collection - Please read before beginning the form

The following documents will be required in local electronic copy before submitting this form.


- Most recent floor plans

- Proposed HVAC and DHW, ideally make and model of heating/chiller units

- Proposed Lighting information, e.g. Lighting Design Plan lighting proposal

- Proposed renewable energy info (e.g. solar PV design)

- M&E / Design Specification

AS BUILT (i.e. previously approved by Building Control at design stage and now complete or near complete)

- Design stage SBEM (BRUKL Output Document) - this is vitally important as it forms the foundatoin for the as built SBEM

- AS BUILT Plans showing internal measurements/scale bar

- Proposed renewable energy info (e.g. solar PV design)

- M&E / Design Specification

- Air test certificate - if the building is greater than 500m2.

The form cannot be saved partially completed therefore the information must be available to be uploaded on the final page of the form.

Freeman Surveying Ltd asks for details on this form in order to allow us to produce compliant SBEM calculations for your building and to know the best best way to communicate with you regarding these calculations. We will not retain any of your personal data other than for the sole purpose of satisfying independent audit requirements from our accrediting body. Other than external audit, we will never share your information with anyone. After a minimum six month period of any certificates or reports being issued we will delete all personal data we hold on you upon written request.

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