SBEM Data Capture Form

SBEM data collection - Please read before beginning the form

The data you enter into this form will determine which documents we require in order to produce your SBEM/Commercial EPC.

You will be told at the end of this form which documents we require, and these can be uploaded to ourselves using the built in upload function at the end of this form.

In preparation for completing this form (and to save you having to complete the form multiple times, as it cannot be saved mid entry), the following documents are likely to be required. We recommend you have these ready on the computer you are using to complete this form.

You may complete/partially complete this form as many times as you like, your building data will only be processed when the form is submitted on the final page.


- Most recent floor plans

- Proposed HVAC and DHW, ideally make and model of heating/chiller units

- Proposed Lighting information, e.g. Lighting Design Plan lighting proposal

- Proposed renewable energy info (e.g. solar PV design)

- M&E / Design Specification

AS BUILT (i.e. previously approved by Building Control at design stage and now complete or near complete)

- Design stage SBEM (BRUKL Output Document) - this is vitally important as it forms the foundatoin for the as built SBEM

- AS BUILT Plans showing internal measurements/scale bar

- Proposed renewable energy info (e.g. solar PV design)

- M&E / Design Specification

- Air test certificate - if the building is greater than 500m2.

The form cannot be saved partially completed therefore the information must be available to be uploaded on the final page of the form.

Note, for shell and core buildings where the occupier is responsible for fitting out the building to their specification, you may not be required to provide information on lighting, HVAC and HW. In some cases this may exclude an air test certificate where the permeability of the shell would likely be detrimental to the completion of fit-out.