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Asbestos Management Surveys and Sampling

Freeman Surveying ltd are a direct provider of Asbestos Management Surveys and  Bulk Sampling. We use a UKAS accredited laboratory for our analysis. To our clients, this translates into substantially lower costs, a dramatically reduced lead time, and a personable, solution-driven client experience. We survey a wide range of buildings from small retail units of less than 50 m2, to vast industrial complexes over 100,000 m2 with no upper size limit. We operate in South Wales, Bristol and Avon.

What is an Asbestos Management Survey?

Under current legislation there is a duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises. In order to manage asbestos a survey will often be required. For non-domestic buildings built before 2000 or if you believe that your building may contain asbestos, you will legally require an Asbestos Management Survey  as a starting point for complying with current HSE. legislation. It is the responsibility of the Duty Holder to obtain an Asbestos Management Survey and the associated documents. Duty Holders are also required to produce an Asbestos Management Plan that clearly sets out a set of procedures and protocols for managing any asbestos containing materials within their building, they are also required to keep the asbestos register (included within the Asbestos Management Report provided by ourselves) up to date and representative of any asbestos containing materials located within the building.

We are GDPR compliant, easy to instruct and don’t ask you to complete complex quotation forms in order to price your job. Simply call us on any of the numbers above to obtain a quotation over the phone or email  We can then quickly agree a time and date for our surveyor to undertake the site visit and collect samples of any known or suspected asbestos-containing materials. Samples are then sent to our associated UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis, and once we have received the result we can complete your Asbestos Management Report. The report will contain an asbestos register, executive summary and related asbestos risk assessments for any asbestos within the building. Typical lead time is seven days from instruction to report, payment is due prior to the release of the report (we will invoice when the report is complete).

Typical cost, £150 – £600 depending upon the size and complexity of the building (plus VAT).

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