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Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates don’t have to be a headache. Freeman Surveying are direct providers and offer a speedy, extremely cost effective and strictly confidential service in The Bristol, Avon, and South Wales areas. We don’t charge up-front and will always provide on the spot advice to ensure that your building achieves an ‘E’ rating or above before we lodge the certificate.

We will always push for the highest possible rating on any building we survey as you can not legally lease a building/part of a building unless the rating is an ‘E’ or better. If your building does not achieve an ‘E’ rating we will offer on the spot advice (usually as simple as swapping out old lights for LEDs) to ensure that you can quickly and cheaply remedy the situation allowing us to recalculate (at no extra cost) and lodge the EPC with a compliant rating, usually on the same day as the site visit.

Commercial Landlord or Building Owners must have a Commercial EPC for a building if any of the following are true:

(a) When a building is rented, or sold (either in part or whole)

(b) When a building under construction is finished

(c) When a building has a change in-use

(d) When a building has been converted into fewer or more units

(e) If changes have been made to the heating, hot water, air conditioning /ventilation services and lighting systems (or the thermal properties of the building fabric)

(a) (at the surveyor’s discretion) Floor plans

(b) (optional) Any documentation that describes the current heating, ventilation, hot water and lighting systems (in the event of absence default values may be used which can result in a lower EPC rating)

CONTACT US – We’ll ask you a couple of simple questions about the building (e.g. location, size etc) over the phone and give you a quote there and then along with a proposed survey date.

ACCEPT QUOTE – Once you accept our quotation we will email a booking confirmation and arrange a time and date for a site visit NO UPFRONT PAYMENT REQUIRED!

SITE VISIT – The site visit will typically take between 30 minutes and 2 hours, during which we are required to collect photographic evidence of heating, hot water systems, air conditioning (if present), lighting, etc. We are also required to measure the main building zones and produce a simplified building plan.

CREATE CERTIFICATE – When we have finished our work, we will E-mail you a draft copy of the Certificate (so that you can check the property details are correct) and an invoice.

LODGE CERTIFICATE – Once the invoice is payed and you have confirmed that the address on the draft is correct we will lodge the certificate usually on the same day of survey

As a guide our prices start at £150 plus VAT (Dec 2019) for a single floor unit, less than 100 m2 and in the BS,NP, CF postcode areas.

Discounts are available for multiple units.

SCAM ALERT – Do not be fooled by the companies on the internet offering Commercial EPCs for £99!

You will be fined a minimum of £500, to a maximum of £5000 for non-compliance.

Commercial EPCs are valid for 10 years and can be reused as required within that period

We are highly experienced in working with building managers to ensure that they are fully aware of the most cost effective route to achieving  the highest possible grade in the shortest time possible.

Typical cost, £150 – £600 depending upon the size and complexity of the building (plus VAT)

Get in touch..

Please contact us either directly or through our contact form for a response within 2 hours.

If an assessor can't be bothered to send you a timely quotation, do you think they're going to provide you with a decent EPC?

Don't wait around for quotes that never arrive. Call Freeman Surveying on 07510 090 633 - we quote on the spot.