DSM (level 5) Commercial EPCs

Level 5 commercial buildings are considered to be the most complex buildings to produce energy assessments for. A Level 5 non-domestic property can be identified from specific features such as atriums, automatic blind control and ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling.

More often than not, a Level 5 Building will be very large in size and highly complex.

Level 5 buildings are modelled using software capable of creating a Dynamic Simulation Model (DSM).

DSM is an an approved methodology and is recognised as an approved calculation method for producing commercial EPCs. DSM can also be used to produce BRUKL reports for Building Control Part L2 Sign-Off.

Unlike SBEM, DSM takes into consideration daylighting, shading and weather.

Freeman Surveying ltd are directly accredited by Elmhurst Energy to produce level 5 Commercial EPCs in England, Wales and Scotland.

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