Things To Do When Visiting Bristol UK

If you are planning to travel to Bristol, you may wonder what you will be able to do once you arrive.¬† Let’s go over the many tourist attractions that are the most popular that you can see while you are visiting this year.

Where Is Bristol?

Although this is at a similar latitude in the United Kingdom as London, it is much further to the west. It is very close to other famous locations such as Bath and Cardiff. If you are thinking about visiting Wales, you are very close, right next to the river Avon. Let’s look at a few of the attractions that are very close to this region of England that is so popular.

Things To Do

One of the first things that you should do is go on a hot air balloon flight. This can give you an overhead view of the entire region. You will be able to see so much of the landscape. It is recommended that you visit and do this right at the beginning of spring, and on through summer so that you can see everything that is blooming and becoming green. You can also visit Brunel’s SS Great Britain vessel which is another popular attraction. There is also Clifton Suspension Bridge. These are locations that many people visit if they are interested in going on tours, or looking at some of the more popular physical structures that are in the area.

Popular Landmarks And Historic Sites

A couple other places you should visit include Cabot Tower, and also the St. Mary Redcliff Church. Both of these have very tall spire’s that you can see from miles away. There is also Bristol Cathedral and Ashton Court. If you would like to visit some of the farmlands, you can go to Windmill Hill. This is a very popular destination as well. The Avon Valley adventure is perfect for kids that would like to see the countryside from the perspective of those that live on a farm.

Sacred Sites And Religious Monuments

Some of the sacred sites that are very popular include the Temple Church, St. Stevens, and St. John on the Wall. Once you have gone there, you can head down to the water to see Bristol City Docks. There are several other monuments that are available, some of which are very close together. You could probably see three or four in an afternoon.

If you are planning a trip Рbusiness or pleasure Рand staying in Bristol, these are just a few of the many locations you can visit. Just over an hour away is the classic and iconic Stonehenge megalithic structure that is one of the most well-known megalithic sites in the world. This is also an area where people claim to have seen many crop circles, and you can also see the many different hills and valleys that have made this iconic region so beautiful.

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